Adventist Record

Sanitarium Celebrates 125 Years of Serving Healthy Food Choices

South Pacific company employs 1,200 people and exports to almost 40 countries.

Australian Adventists and War: A Different Path

New research sheds lights on church-state relationships during World War I.

Pacific Adventist Health Leaders Complete Their ‘Journey to Wholeness’

Program seeks to help them become lifestyle coaches and addiction recovery specialists.

Disagreement: God’s Gift to His Church

Do arguments have any role to play in our assimilation and application of truth?

Young Adults Travel from Australia to Finland to Serve

Volunteers help renovate an outreach center and connect with neighbors and members.

How to Survive the Age of Lies

What can we do to share God’s message in an age of post-truth and fake news?

Australia’s New Lifestyle Center Will Fight Chronic Diseases

Facilities at Sydney Adventist Hospital were officially opened at recent wellness summit.

Adventist Media Launches Videos in Australian Sign Language

The initiative seeks to increase resources available to the Deaf community in the region.

A Hospital for Sinners?

The job of a church is to help people heal, not to convince them they are not sick.

Cyclone Doesn’t Stop Baptismal Ceremony in Fiji

Pastors, members, and candidates weathered the heavy rains and winds to proceed.

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