August 1, 2019

The Ministry of Film

Media that meets the secular mind.

Scott Mayer

In the late 1990s I studied film and immediately became passionate about media. I moved to Hollywood and worked in television for almost a decade until I was called to work in video ministry. Around this time I had the chance to work on a documentary and quickly fell in love with the genre. The thing I like most about documentary work is being able to produce a feature-length project on a minimal budget. Because the world responds very well to visual media, we can use media to illustrate concepts of faith in attractive ways.

A Challenge

Funding has always been a major challenge for Christian productions, and we’ve had to be quite creative when illustrating certain topics. The Bible has an inexhaustible number of subjects to tackle, but it’s always challenging when creating a video that illustrates concepts such as the Second Coming, Jesus’ crucifixion, the sanctuary, or heaven. We need quality animations and cinematic footage for such projects, but they are expensive.

An Exciting Response

Thankfully, we have a solution: is an Adventist-owned Christian stock media platform that offers highquality but affordable video footage. How are we able to offer this? We work with media content creators from all over the world who contribute reenactments and raw footage. We connect these content-creators with people who need visual aids for preaching or teaching. As the content is sold multiple times to different churches and ministries, the creator has the opportunity to recoup the costs of production.

We have been given the Great Commission to spread the gospel to the world. Today, thanks to media, our world is connected as never before. With the current generation’s obsession with media, the need for uplifting Christian video content is ever-growing.

These are exciting times to be involved in media ministry. You can create a project in the United States, upload it to your favorite platform, and instantaneously share it with a worldwide audience. It’s not only large organizations with huge broadcast budgets that can have a big influence, but smaller digital media teams as well. The playing field has been leveled. As more and more people jump on the bandwagon of personalized technologies, we have access to them via YouTube, Facebook, and a host of related outlets.

Churches, evangelists, filmmakers, and broadcast media groups all have the same need: high-quality media to illustrate the gospel. It has been said, “To get the job done, you need the right tools.” If your mission is to create video, photographs, or animations, join us in becoming a contributor. If your mission is preaching or teaching, high-quality resource materials are available at

Scott Mayer has a passion for creativity and design and strives to explore new ways to win people to Christ using media.