April 27, 2016

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Adventist Review/Adventist World

Editorial/Opinion (Newspaper/newsletter/magazine/journal)

Award of Merit

“Four Lessons for Adventists from the Islamist Attacks in Paris”

Keith Augustus Burton (adventistreview.org/church-news/4-lessons-for-adventists-from-the-islamist-attack-in-paris)


Feature Article (magazine, short format)

Honorable Mention

“No Chance Encounter”

Wilona Karimabadi (AR, November 2015)

News Story (News service/website/blog)

Honorable Mention

“Syrian Refugee’s Light Shines in Adventist School”

Andrew McChesney (AR, December 2015)

Convention/Meeting Coverage

Honorable Mention

60th General Conference Session Bulletins

Bill Knott, editor (AR, July 2015)

Biographical Profile

Honorable Mention

“Prisoner of Conscience”

Sandra Blackmer (AR, November 2015)

Personal Experience (Short format)

Honorable Mention

“When Cholera Closed the Clinic”

Carolyn Stuyvesant (AR, August 2015)

Honorable Mention


Sudha Kristmukti (AR, Jan. 22, 2015)

Award of Excellence

“To See His Face”

Diana Dyer (AW, July 2015)

Personal Experience (Long format)

Award of Merit

“Through the Valley of Death”

Floyd Greenleaf (AR Feb. 15, 2015)

Award of Excellence

“The Wrong Side of the Tracks”

Dixil Rodríguez (AR, December 2015)

Personally Useful Article

Honorable Mention

“The Black Blue Zone”

DeWitt S. Williams (AR, October 2015)

Award of Merit


Frank M. Hasel (AR, May 2015)

Biblical Interpretation

Award of Merit

“Between Sadducees and Pharisees”

Gerald A. Klingbeil (AW, April 2015)


Award of Excellence

“A Hymn to Coming Justice”

Bill Knott (AR, December 2015)

Seasonal Article

Award of Merit

“Splitting the Urgent Darkness”

Bill Knott (AR, Mar. 26, 2015)

Art Design, Graphics, Photography

Magazine Cover

Award of Excellence

“Splitting the Urgent Darkness”

Steve Creitz, illustrator; Bryan Gray, art designer (AR, Mar. 26, 2015)

Spread or Story

Award of Merit

“One Story at a Time”

Ellen Musselman (General Conference Bulletin, number seven)