December 17, 2012

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Let’s Pray
Have a prayer need? Have a few free minutes? Each Wednesday morning at 8:15 EDT the Adventist Review staff meets to pray for people—children, parents, friends, coworkers. Send your prayer requests and, if possible, pray with us on Wednesday mornings. Send requests to: Let’s Pray, Adventist Review, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600; fax: 301-680-6638; e-mail: [email protected].

2012 1536 page13Sound Bite
“Nothing comes to us that doesn’t first come through the hands
of God.” 
—John Howells IV, during a sermon in September 2011, at Miamisburg Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ohio

Adventist Life
I just had to share a text message my daughter recently sent me:
“Jacob [who is 3 years old] was sitting in bed with me this morning while I was reading my Bible and praying. He kept trying to talk to me while I was praying. I told him that I was trying to talk to Jesus and that I needed him to be quiet a minute so I could ask Jesus to be with us today. Ever since, he’s been looking around the house asking me, ‘Where’s Jesus?’ 

“I tried to tell him that Jesus is right here with us, always in our hearts. But I think I confused him—he keeps looking behind the furniture, out the door and window, asking where Jesus is and if He’s coming over soon. He just looked out the window and declared, ‘I can’t see Jesus’ car; where is He?’ ”
—Kevin Rabe, Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia

My work has been in the mortuary, mostly as a funeral planner. Several years ago I received a call from an elderly woman living alone. She asked if I could come to her home and help her plan for the inevitable. 

I met with her, a delightful shut-in who had no family. After examining several options, she chose one, and we completed her plan. As I was collecting all the papers and placing them in my briefcase, I mentioned that her preferences were taken care of all the way to the grave. Then I asked, “Do you have any plans after the grave?” 

She told me that she was a Christian and very faithfully watched Robert Schuller every Sunday morning on the Hour of Power.

“Then,” she said, “I watch that ‘Mormon’ guy.” I told her that I was familiar with Schuller’s program, but I couldn’t place the “Mormon” guy. “Oh, you know,” she said, “that guy Mark Finley!”
—Jim Heinrich, Sun City, Arizona 

Dr. Tom DeWind, when announcing the opening song during church service, asked the congregation to have patience with him as he could not read the hymnal without his glasses. When he retrieved them from his pocket, we were all amused to discover that the hymn was number 326: “Open My Eyes That I May See.”
—John Baxter, Berrien Springs, Michigan

This article was published December 27, 2012.