December 10, 2012

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2012 1534 page13Name of the Game
He came to Eve to deceive;
She took the bait; entered into debate; and she ate.
She came to her mate, and he ate.
The awful fate: outside the gate.
He will still deceive if you, like Eve,
Don’t believe.
—from Dale Mishleau’s Sabbath school lesson study, October 6, 2012, at the Oxford Seventh-day Adventist Church in Wisconsin

Adventist Life
At the 2012 New York camp meeting I appreciated learning more about our Adventist pioneers, including some who did not remain faithful. And that led me to think of the experience of my grandmother, Marguerite Neff, many years ago. 

She had been studying with an Adventist Bible instructor but just could not commit to observing the Sabbath. She told me that the Adventist pastor would think she was about ready to join the church, and then he’d stop by on a Sabbath afternoon and find her on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. 

Her own pastor was distressed about her interest in Adventists, so he brought her a book by former Adventist evangelist D. M. Canright.  “Read this,” he said. “This will tell you the truth about the Adventists.”  

“I sat down to read,” she told me, “and the more I read, the madder I got.” 

She had no patience with the way Canright attacked the church, and by the time she turned the last page she was a dyed-in-the-wool Seventh-day Adventist. She never looked back.
—Penny Wheeler, Hagerstown, Maryland

Recently not-quite-3-year-old Sierra and her family visited from northern California. Our Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church has a large painting by Nathan Greene displayed near the front. Sierra looked up and said, “Oh, look, Grandma, there is the Lord coming in the clouds of glory!”
—Jean Hildebrand, Fallbrook, California

This article was published December 13, 2012.