November 21, 2012

In All Things...

For friends who try our patience,
For friends who prove not friends.
For loneliness that makes us yearn,
For love without end:
Lord, we thank You.

For gloomy days and rainy spells,
For sadness along the way.
For early frost and withered leaves,
For joy someday:
Lord, we thank You.

For biopsies and side effects,
For doctors who did their best.
For the empty place in a double bed,
For Your faithfulness:
Lord, we thank You.

For wondering where the money went,
For jobs that don’t come through.
For credit limits and bills unpaid,
For trusting You:
Lord, we thank You.

For nights we should be sleeping,
For nights we spend in prayer,
For tears shed for our children,
For Your care:
Lord, we thank You.

For disappointments that remind us
There’s more to life than this,
So that we might depend on You,
For infinite grace:
Lord, we thank You.

A career pastor, Loren Seibold is editor of Best Practices for Adventist Ministry. This article was published November 22, 2012.