November 14, 2012

Will the Real Patient Please Lie Down!

I sat at my desk with my diagnostic tools: Hebrew and Greek Bibles; concordances; lexica; biblical, theological, and philosophical dictionaries and encyclopedias; and a multitude of Bible translations.

There I was like a cosmetic surgeon, prepared to consult with a popular personality. My patient was important; it was the Bible, God’s Word. I would treat it reverently. But I also wanted to present it in best form. I would tweak it here and there to improve its features. My skill in the use of my instruments and consultations with my colleagues would enable me to enhance its features and improve its complexion; to present it in a way acceptable to my contemporary, sophisticated society. My “designer generation” needed a “designer bible” to present a “designer god” acceptable to my “designer society.”

My job was to diagnose the patient, to carefully place it on the table, to manage its recovery, to keep it under control and prevent it from wandering where it did not belong; to coach it on what it could say and when to keep silent. Above my concern for its well-being was my concern that the patient would become an embarrassment and damage the reputation I had so carefully built.

But alas, the Bible was not the patient—I was! I was the one in need of the Doctor, of diagnosis and treatment. For it is I who must allow myself to be placed upon the table, to be operated upon, and to be nourished back to health by the Word of God. I must fall upon the Rock, ask for forgiveness and healing, and pray for the power of God through His Word to bring fullness of life.

Thank God, He is there when we are ready to be placed upon His table!