November 7, 2012

Mission Hospital Chad-A Track Record of Service

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This baby (top) was born prematurely at Bere Adventist Hospital, weighing only 1.4 kilograms (a bit more than three pounds). We gave him free IV antibiotics, and he slowly learned to breastfeed. Through a miracle of God and the tender patience of this boy’s mother, he continued to grow. The hospital provides free IV medicine for those who can’t afford it. Pictured at 6 months, he has gotten big and strong.

This cute Fulani girl (bottom) was brought to us at 5 months of age. Her abdomen was hugely distended, and it seemed she was going to die. We decided to operate against all odds. We found a uterine malformation that had formed into a large mass. After the malformation was removed, she recovered well.

This precious girl is with her beautiful parents after the operation. During six months at Bere Adventist Hospital we did more surgeries than any other hospital in the country. We are grateful that God has given us this opportunity to witness to many different people and cultures, even if we don’t speak their language.—Dr. Danae Netteburg.

A Track Record of Service
Many of us don’t know how to reach orphans and widows ourselves, but there are organizations that do. Such organizations need our prayers, as well as our financial and practical support. One such organization, Restore a Child, was founded by a woman who was an orphan herself and heard God’s call to serve in Christ’s name. Restore a Child is a Seventh-day Adventist nonprofit organization providing thousands of children around the world with basic services: food, water, medical care, education, and, in some cases, shelter.

Restore a Child not only addresses children’s basic needs, but also endeavors to ensure sustainability and food security by helping dig wells and funding agricultural development projects. For more information, visit: