November 6, 2012

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Sound Bite
“The Holy Spirit will never lead you where the Holy Spirit cannot bless you.” 
—Pastor Brandon Westgate during his sermon on September 1, 2012, at the Amity Seventh-day Adventist Church in Arkansas

2012 1531 page13Adventist Life
In my personal prayer life this year I have been asking the Holy Spirit to work with me on some character issues, including replacing human pride with heavenly humility. The old adage “Be careful what you pray for” came to life for me in a recent telephone conversation with my wife. Judi made a playful comment to which I, in jest, responded, “Hey, lady, don’t forget, you are talking to the man who walks on water!”

Without hesitation Judi replied, “Mister, your pond dried up a long time ago.” It was just the dose of spiritual character awareness I needed and had been praying for!
—Winfield Scott, Branson, Missouri

Think About It
Let’s say there’s a special show in town, and the tickets are so expensive that it’s virtually priceless. Bill Gates with all his wealth couldn’t afford the paper the ticket is printed on. 

One day your friend comes to you and says, “Here, I have this gift for you.” They hand you an envelope that you open and find the very ticket you couldn’t afford! The friend then gives you a list of 10 commands to guide you to the event. (It is very well hidden!)
Now stop and think: did the very act of their giving you that ticket guarantee that you will be at the show later? No! You must act upon the gift and fulfill the commands to find the show. Now again: are you following the commands to earn the ticket, or because the ticket has been given to you?
—Michael Cunningham, Tucson, Arizona

This article was published November 8, 2012.