August 28, 2012

Jesus for the Jaded

Something every Seventh-day Adventist would like to have said about them. And something that’s especially true of the life and work of Tony Moore, speaker/director of The Biblical World, one of Adventism’s most innovative media outreaches.

A dramatic conversion experience at a Rolling Stones concert brought Tony to Jesus Christ and the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and he soon felt a calling to public ministry. He and his wife, Helen, worked as Bible workers in the late 1970s with Mark Finley’s evangelistic campaigns in New England, where the couple gave Bible studies to hundreds, including Debby Rochon (Knott), future wife of Adventist Review editor Bill Knott. In the past 30 years, Tony has served as a church planter, pastor, Bible teacher, director of metro ministries for Pittsburgh, and the senior pastor of a large congregation. Moore reunited with Finley from 2002 to 2003 as evangelism ministries director of the It Is Written telecast, where Finley then served as speaker/director.

Fascinated by archaeology, Tony began traveling to the lands of the Bible in the 1980s, and by the mid-1990s had developed multimedia presentations that highlighted the historicity of the Bible with images and narration from famous sites. It was a short but crucial step to video production, begun in 2001 when Moore and his youth pastor, Danny Chan, began filming The Footsteps of Paul—20 half-hour videos that trace the life and journeys of the famous apostle. With all filming done on location, the series offered many viewers a first-ever look at the geography and culture of the biblical world—accompanied by an earnest, pleasant guide.

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EYES ON THE SKY: Tony Moore, speaker/director of The Biblical World, examines the traditional tomb of Lazarus in Bethany in the new DVD series “Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus.”

In 2003 Moore left It Is Written to work full-time on Biblical World projects. His newest series, Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus, is a 28-episode exploration of the life and ministry of Jesus, and travels the entire range of Adventist beliefs with a unique documentary-travel perspective.

“We’re offering viewers of all religious backgrounds—or none—the opportunity to take a fresh look at the life and claims of Jesus—and all in the settings where He lived His life and performed His miracles,” says Moore. “When we come to the topic of Jesus and the Sabbath, for instance, we take a totally different approach. With the Western Wall in the background, our camera traces the thousands of observant Jews who still come to the wall of Herod’s Temple to joyfully welcome the Sabbath, dressed in their best. We don’t offer 50 Bible texts proving the importance of the Sabbath: we let viewers see for themselves the joy that accompanies the keeping of God’s Sabbath commandment.”

Each of the 28 DVD videos comes accompanied with a detailed study guide, and instructions for using the series as a seminar or in a small group or home setting are available on the series Web site:

“Our goal is to get a fresh hearing—and viewing—of the Gospel account of Jesus,” Moore adds. “There are so many traditional and distorted accounts of Jesus in our world today, including in some Christian churches, that even many who count themselves believers are startled to discover the Jesus of the Bible once again. The video format is easy on the eye and the ear: I want you to hear the message of the Bible in the company of someone who cares for you and is concerned about your ultimate welfare.”

For more information and samples of Moore’s video outreach ministry, go to This article was published August 9, 2012.