July 11, 2012

Tools of the Trade: Ministry With Postcards

The simple act of sending a handwritten note on an eye-catching postcard can make a big difference in a life. It can be the little tweak that results in a church newcomer returning the next Sabbath. It might be the small, caring touch that tells a depressed, ill, older person that their Sabbath school class has not forgotten them. It is a human touch that can remind one that God still loves them.

2012 1519 page30The Hamblin Company in Michigan—a member of Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries—is now producing Lily Line Christian Postcards, a collection of scores of different postcards designed specifically for ministry. Your church needs a supply of these! Your personal ministry will be enhanced if you have a stack of these in your desk drawer—not too far out of sight.
For example, there is a cute picture of a mother camel with two young camels and the headline: “There Is Nothing Like a New Baby.” The back side says “Congratulations on yours,” but it leaves most of the space open for you to write a note. There’s also a color photo of a lion that looks like it came from National Geographic with the headline “No ‘Lion,’ We’re Happy You Visited.” The back side says “Come again, soon.” Again, there is ample space in which to write a note.

There is something appropriate for a numerous variety of occasions and needs. You can see all of them at www.hopesource.com, or ask Madlyn Hamblin for samples at [email protected] company.com or (800) 274-0016.

Discovery Club
This is a ministry for children ages 1 through 5 that involves parents and church volunteers who serve as mentors and coordinators. It pushes the Adventurer Club and Pathfinder Club concept down to the preschool level, and can be a powerful outreach tool for attracting young families and meeting the needs of single parents.

Richard and Lyndene Wright are veteran children’s ministries workers, credentialed educators, and local lay leaders in the Southern California Conference. They have developed a full curriculum for this new concept, and they make it available on a resource Web site—www.wrightpublications.org—where you can download everything you need to start and maintain a Discovery Club. 

Monte Sahlin is director of research and special projects for the Ohio Conference and a senior consultant at the Center for Creative Ministry. questions and suggestions can be sent to him at [email protected]. This article was published July 12, 2012.