May 16, 2012

I Saw You

I SAW YOU when you put your arm around your wiggly 2-year-old, and he snuggled up to you during the sermon at church. What a wonderful demonstration of the love of God—the way this child experienced the warmth that comes only from a loving parent.
I SAW YOU when you shook the hand of the guy who looked as if his hair hadn’t been shampooed for several weeks. He may not have smelled very good either, but you didn’t let that bother you. You showed him the love of God by your actions.
I SAW YOU when you walked up to the front when the pastor called for all those to come forward who wanted a stronger relationship with Jesus. Your act gave me the courage to walk up to the front when I am usually too timid to do so. That was something I have wanted to do many times.
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I SAW YOU give a warm hug to the gal wearing the very short dress. No, she may not have looked like she belonged in church, but Jesus never checked the length of garments, and I noticed you didn’t either. You made her feel welcome, and maybe she will come back again.
I SAW YOU when you bowed your head and closed your eyes during the Communion blessing when so many of the others had their eyes open and were looking around. Your example inspired me to do the same thing, and that singular moment of prayer increased my awareness of what it means to be close to Jesus.
I SAW YOU when you very politely said to a child running in the hall, “This is Jesus’ house, and He is so happy when we walk instead of run.” And then you took the child by the hand so he would have someone to walk with him. I think Jesus would have done the same.
I SAW YOU smile at the old man who always seemed so sad and somber. No, he didn’t smile back, but I think he will remember your smile for a long time. Perhaps yours was the only smile he got all day.
I SAW YOU when you shook the hand of the man who found it difficult to get out of his seat to come to greet you. Jesus comes to us where we are, so I think you were doing what He would have wanted you to do.
I SAW YOU many other times, too, when you didn’t think I was watching. And your actions have inspired me to try to be closer to Jesus, to try to set an example for others. Your silent witness said it all.
He saw it all too.
After retiring as a special-needs foster parent, plus 23 years as owner/manager of a collectible doll shop, as well as rearing seven children, Judy Bolyard is enjoying another part-time hobby—writing. She writes from Tennessee. This article was published May 17, 2012.