April 9, 2012

GLOW Stories

Giving light to our world—GLOW—is an outreach initiative in multiple North American Division conferences based on the concept of church members carrying Adventist literature with them wherever they go and handing it out—free of charge—at every opportunity. Here are two short stories of lives touched by GLOW:

Story 1
Ashley in Merced, California, took GLOW tracts to an interdenominational prayer meeting she was attending for pastors and others in her town. She left a stack of the tracts on the registration table, and they were quickly picked up by the other attendees. One of them ended up in the hands of the Merced County Correctional Center chaplain. After reading the tract, the chaplain called the number of the GLOW office printed on the tract, and ordered 900 copies for all the men in the correctional facility. Since then he has ordered thousands more. Several inmates have since requested Bible studies.
2012 1510 page27Story 2
Members of an Adventist church in Clovis, California, distributed more than 200,000 GLOW tracts in their community. Apparently, those living in that region are now familiar with the literature. One Clovis member was emptying his pockets before entering the metal detector at the local courthouse. A few GLOW tracts were among the items, and as he put them into the basket a guard picked one up and asked, “Hey! Can I have this?”
“Sure! You can have all of them,” the church member said.
“No, that’s OK. I already have the other ones,” the guard said.       
Another Clovis member handed a GLOW tract to a homeless man on the street.
“Thanks!” the man said. “I’m collecting these.”
Stories compiled by Central California Conference GLOW director Nelson Ernst. To find out more about GLOW, go to sdaglow.org. This article was published April 12, 2012.