April 11, 2012

The Colors of Eden

Green—as in new fresh leaves, or vast grassy plains
Red—as bird feathers, or rose petals
Blue—as a vast cloudless sky dotted with soaring birds
Yellow—as soft, warm, friendly lighting
White—as the feel of rabbit’s fur or a flash of angel wings
Pink—as the early glow of Eden morning
Gray—as the after-sunset moment when God and humans shared whispers
Black—as the velvety expanse of the diamond-studded sky
Those were the colors of Eden.
There was no
Green—as in slimy stagnating pools
Red—as in blood seeping into the earth
Blue—as in frostbitten fingers
Yellow—as in hard hats, warning signs, or emergency vehicles
White—as in blinding snow, or death-silenced lips
Pink—as in new scar tissue
Gray—as in choking smoke
Black—as in a windowless cell
These are our colors—but someday soon the Master Artist will take His blood-drenched sponge and gently wash our tear-stained eyes—restoring the colors of Eden.

Chantal J. Klingbeil is author and host of Hope Channel’s new storyLine live Bible program and recently blogged about the Colors of Eden, available at storyline.hopetv.org. She is married to Gerald Klingbeil and homeschools their three daughters. This article was published April 12, 2012.