February 21, 2012

At Rest

CHALKER, Byron K., Sr.—b. Feb. 14, 1922, Parkersburg, W.Va.; d. Sept. 24, 2011, Chattanooga, Tenn. He served as a pastor and singing evangelist in Wyoming. He is survived by his wife, Paloma; two sons, Byron, Jr., and Ronald; one daughter, Donna Ruckgaber; seven grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.
COMBES, Vivian E.—b. Jan. 6, 1933, Guthrie, Okla.; d. Sept. 27, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. She taught elementary grades in the Ingalls and Indianapolis Junior Academy. She also served in ministry with her husband in the Iowa and Idaho conferences, as well as the mission fields of Martinique, Trinidad, and Haiti. She is survived by two daughters, Della Decooman and Deanna Pendleton; two grandchildren; one great-grandchild; and three great-great-
FESLER, Bob L.—b. May 14, 1930, Genoa, Colo.; d. Feb. 5, 2011, Highlands Ranch, Colo. He worked at the General Conference before pursuing a career in long-term health care. He is survived by his wife, JoAnn; two sons, Scott and Kurt; one daughter, Jan Tikker; one sister, Carol Willis; eight grandchildren; and one grandchild.
GAY, Phyllis J.—b. Jan. 12, 1936, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada; d. Aug. 11, 2011, Orlando, Fla. She worked as a secretary at the General Conference, Pacific Press, Idaho Conference, Southern Asia Division, and Africa-Indian Ocean Division. She is survived by her husband, David; two sons, Kirsten and Bryan; four brothers, Ronald, Herbert, Dean, and Allan Trites; two sisters, Effie Smith and Freda James; and six grandchildren.
NICOLA, Darrell A.—b. Apr. 19, 1929, Los Angeles, Calif.; d. Aug. 26, 2011, Fallbrook, Calif. He served as a pastor, then as a chaplain at Portland and Harding hospitals. He established clinical pastoral education at Ohio’s Kettering Medical Center and at Florida Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Sonja; one son, Allen; one daughter, Nanci Robertson; and two grandchildren.
PETTY, Frederick C.—b. Feb. 2, 1913, Dozier, Ala.; d. Sept. 16, 2011, Altamonte Springs, Fla. He served in the Southern and Mid-America union conferences; as well as the South American and Inter-American divisions. He is survived by one son, Cecil; one daughter, Sharon Wolcott; and four grandchildren.
RAMSAY, Lillian J.—b. June 2, 1919, Bradwardine, Manitoba, Canada; d. Nov, 5, 2011, Boise, Idaho. She served in the Manitoba-Saskatchewan, Ontario-Quebec, Lake Union, Illinois, Colorado, Ohio, and Idaho conferences. She is survived by one niece and four nephews.
WATTS, Lois May (Shepherdson)—b. May 25, 1919, Kirksville, Mo.; d. Nov. 13, 2011, Loma Linda, Calif. She and her husband were conference workers in Kansas, Missouri, and Southeastern California, and served as missionaries in Okinawa, Japan. She is survived by her husband, Carl; one son, Howard; one daughter, Kit; and two grandchildren.
WRIGHT, Kenneth A., Jr.—b. Union Springs, N.Y.; d. Sept. 11, 2011, Winchester, Va. He worked for the Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast. He also served in the Arizona, Mountain View, and Wisconsin conferences, Bass Memorial Academy, Pakistan Union, Potomac Adventist Book Center, and General Conference Treasury. He is survived by his wife, Ruth; one son, Kenneth III; one daughter, Sharon; and one brother, Burton.
This article was published February 23, 2012.