February 13, 2012

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FROM HERE TO THERE: Ingrid Baier, M.D., is assisting at Roi Khaled Hospital in Bujumbura, Burundi, on a volunteer mission for 10 months. A member of the La Florida Seventh-day Adventist Church in Santiago, Chile, Baier traveled some 10,000 miles from Santiago, and she goes every Sabbath to the Kiriri church in Bujumbura.

Sound Bite
“It is easier to succeed than explain why you didn’t.”
—Clinton Woodland, the colporteur leader of the Montana Conference, in 1952 to new Adventist Peter Tadej (currently from Desert Hot Springs, California), as he started canvassing. That slogan kept Tadej going when tempted to quit.

Adventist Life
I was working at the AdventSource booth during the Pacific Union Conference ministerial council when an energetic pastor with a firm handshake and ready smile came over to our exhibit. In the course of our conversation he shared with me his secret to a long and happy marriage to his sweetheart of the past 61 years.
“I follow the advice from the California Earthquake Commission,” he said. “If you find a fault, don’t dwell on it!”
—Elvina Wolcott, California
Melissa Rivera spoke during the praise and testimony part of worship at our local church on December 24, 2011, sharing the joy and happiness that she was experiencing from her successful contributions at work with her new job. She explained how these results were much more than her talents and abilities could bring by saying that this was happening because “God is wrapped around me.”
She expressed it so well: “Thank You, God, for wrapping Yourself around all of us.”
—Bill Scott, High Springs, Florida
This article was published February 16, 2012.