February 2, 2012

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2012 1504 page13Sermon in Seven
On the Adventist Review’s Facebook page (online), a staff member frequently writes spiritual gems with a seven-word takeaway thought. Below is one posting from January:
“Today’s comment is about being overlooked, dismissed, and dissed by those who (a) divide the population into somebodies and nobodies, and (b) place themselves or others in the second of those groupings. It is easy to notice the somebodies and miss the nobodies. But it is painful—on the inside—to be the overlooked nonentity:
“Being nobody looks easier than it is.”
Adventist Life
Last night when we drove our 2 year-old grandson back home, we came to the place where we have a wonderful view of the illuminated Hohenzollern Castle. I asked Liam, “Did you see the castle?”
He replied, “Yes. Did the angels do that?”
Here’s a photograph of the castle—it was much more awesome looking when it was pitch-dark.
—Hannele Ottschofski, Hechingen, Germany
Sound Bites
“Knowledge puffs up; love builds up”
?—Herb Montgomery, in his series The Jesus Dialogue, from the sermon “Concentric circles,” at Renewed Heart Ministries in West Virginia
“Everything I hear about Jana reminds me of the biblical account of Dorcas. I have a feeling that in heaven, Dorcas and Jana will be friends!” 
—Paul Yeoman, retired pastor, at the Glendale Seventh-day Adventist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, after listening to many members express their appreciation of a beloved deceased church member’s good works and acts of charity during a memorial service