January 11, 2012

01 CN Prayer Accompanies Packing of 1 Million Books for West Africa

Prayer Accompanies Packing
of ?1 Million Books for West Africa

The Great Hope is part of 2012 initiative to spread The Great Controversy message.
rayer isn’t often thought of as part of the book publishing process, but at Seventh-day Adventist Church-owned Pacific Press Publishing Association, based in Nampa, Idaho, supplication recently supported shipping. In mid-December workers and executives held a special dedication service for 1 million copies of The Great Hope that had just come off the press.

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PRAYING AND PACKING: Workers and executives at Seventh-day Adventist Church-owned Pacific Press Publishing Association in Nampa, Idaho, pray at the loading dock as copies of The Great Hope are loaded ?for shipment. [PHOTO: PPPA]

The Great Hope is an 11-chapter adaptation of The Great Controversy, a book considered the capstone of the Conflict of the Ages Series written by Ellen G. White, a pioneering cofounder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The million-copy print run underscores the commitment of Pacific Press to the Great Controversy Project, an initiative introduced by Ted N. C. Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, in which he challenged the worldwide Adventist community to attempt great things for the Lord and undertake a global distribution of The Great Controversy’s message.

Why this particular book? Dale Galusha, Pacific Press president, explained the book’s author “wanted to see The Great Controversy distributed more extensively than any of her other books.” He added that Mrs. White once said, “In The Great Controversy, the last message of warning to the world is given more distinctly than in any of my other books.”

“In 2011 we’re encouraging all Adventist members to read it and become reacquainted with it,” stated Delbert W. Baker, a general vice president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church and chair of the Great Controversy Project Committee. “But in 2012 and 2013 we want to distribute millions of copies around the world.”

Both Pacific Press and its sister organization, the Review and Herald Publishing Association, based in Hagerstown, Maryland, are working closely with the Adventist Church’s North American Division for a national distribution program in the United States.

One million copies of The Great Hope are headed for the West-Central Africa Division and were expected to ship from Pacific Press by the end of December 2011. Everyone at the organization has been involved in the project, with members of the management team taking their turn at packing boxes.

                                                          —Karen Pearson, Pacific Press Publishing Association, with Adventist Review staff