December 1, 2011

Give & Take

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Ellis Magnuson (center), who visited the Adventist Review booth at the 2011 ASI convention, was one of the youth evangelists baptized at one of the sites prior to the convention. During the convention, youth preacher Matthew Lawson, along with Chelsea Bond, presented an exciting report on the evangelistic endeavors performed by the ASI Youth for Jesus team. They were involved in youth evangelism during the six weeks prior to the convention in four areas of Sacramento, California. Fifteen persons were baptized, and 12 more made their decision to be baptized in the near future. Many others accepted Christ as their personal Savior and are studying the Word of God.
Sound Bite
“We spend too much time focusing on our temporary problems instead of focusing on our eternal answers.”
—Pastor Richie Halverson, in a sermon on July 16, 2011
Adventist Life
Ten-year-old Violet was diagnosed with a serious illness and admitted to a hospital. Her parents explained that the elders and pastor were coming to anoint her.
When we arrived, the pastor sat across from Violet and asked if she understood why we were all there. She solemnly nodded, glancing around the room at our own serious expressions.

The pastor then held up the vial of oil and began to explain how he would anoint her head—which sent Violet rocking back on her heels in relief and laughter. “Ooohhh,” she said, “I’m so glad! I thought you were all coming here to annoy me!”
—Maureen Dowling, Sequim, Washington
Bits & Pieces
A RESURRECTION DEPOSIT:  In a recent e-mail to his members, Don Pate, pastor of the college church of the Seventh-day Adventists in South Lancaster, Massachusetts, notified them of a recent death in the church family. He titled his e-mail “A Resurrection Deposit,” noting that after visiting the widow, it was good to know that “we do not grieve as those who have no hope.”
—Frank Tochterman, president of the Southern New England Conference, South Lancaster, Massachusetts
This article was published December 8, 2011.