November 21, 2011

Give & Take

IN THE PATH OF THE PIONEERS: This monument marks the spot where the delegates to the Mount Vernon Youth Convention, organized by the General Conference, met in the summer of 1907 to set the foundation of what is now the Youth Ministries Department.
2011 1533 page13The inscription reads: “Gathered here in 1907, the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist youth movement cast the mantle of Christian service upon the shoulders of their sons and daughters and called them Missionary Volunteers, committing to them, and to those who, in their same devotion, follow after the task: ‘The Advent message to all the world in this generation.’ ”
This year the Hispanic ministries of the South Atlantic Conference organized their annual Master Guide Camporee in that site, located at Mount Vernon Academy in Ohio. More than 200 Master Guides attended under the motto “Ask Me About Jesus.” The event was organized by Pastor Efraín Poloche, Hispanic coordinator, and with Master Guide Antonio Pereira (center left), Hispanic youth clubs coordinator, here shaking hands with Alfredo Garcia-Marenko, the weekend’s keynote speaker.
Sound Bite
“If you are traveling on the heaven-bound train, you must have kingdom-bound priorities.”
—Pastor Daniel D. Saugh, in a sermon entitled “Out of this World,” at the North Shore Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ontario, Canada
2011 1533 page13Adventist Life
My husband and I enjoy Michigan’s lavish “grape season” by canning our own grape juice. The downside is fruit flies in the kitchen, but I’ve learned a small bowl of apple cider vinegar mixed with dish soap sets an effective snare.
This year I placed the bowl in a window where I also sun a couple of plants. Shortly I spied a stealthy spider in one plant feasting on the hapless flies swarming my vinegar trap. The next day at breakfast, I noticed the spider had disappeared. My children and I assumed the spider had feasted all night and was now sleeping in. However, upon emptying the vinegar, I found that the poor arachnid had met its demise in my bowl along with the flies. My 9-year-old daughter looked up from her cereal and quoted her version of Isaiah 22:13: “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die!”
—Joelle Ashley, Niles, Michigan
This article was published November 24, 2011.