September 15, 2011


 Dear Church Family:
In these Week of Prayer readings we explore together the heart of Adventism—God’s saving grace. All of the sermons explore the heavenly sanctuary as a place where saving grace was and is mediated to us. The message of the sanctuary is not a theological exposition but a personal journey as we discover and realize God’s grace.
We begin this journey not at Mount Sinai but in our first home in Eden, where we discover that the message of the sanctuary was already present. Following the terrible entrance of sin that cut us off from God and His presence, we discover in the sanctuary some of the magnitude of the love of God who wants to come and dwell among us.
In the sanctuary we find the good news of atonement through the Lamb of God. We can rely on the fact that in our deepest need help is always available through our Mediator in the heavenly sanctuary. This message should have a positive impact on our lives as we live in the presence of a loving and forgiving God, and are constantly growing into the likeness of our Savior.
I pray that as we study these readings we can live positive lives and not fear God’s presence; that we will find in the heavenly sanctuary an assurance in the judgment, because God’s judgment seat is a throne of grace.
May we anticipate the joy of God’s permanent presence with us when Eden is once again restored on earth. May God guide your life and mine as we plead with Him for revival and reformation leading to the latter rain of the Holy Spirit and Christ’s soon second coming.
With kind Christian regards, sincerely yours,
Ted N. C. Wilson