August 31, 2011

Give & Take

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We are looking for brief submissions in these categories:

Adventist Quotes (profound or spontaneous)
Adventist Life (short anecdotes, especially from the world of adults)
Camp Meeting Memories (short, humorous, and/or profound anecdotes)

Please send your submissions to Give & Take, Adventist Review, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600; fax: 301-680-6638; e-mail: [email protected]. Please include phone number, city, and state.

Sound Bite
“O Lord, fill our emptiness with Your fullness!”
—Pastor Dwight Nelson, at the Pioneer Memorial Church of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan
Adventist Life
Recently my husband was told at church that he had been elected “head deacon.”  He was willing to pick up the responsibility, but then we received the official e-mail from the pastor listing all church board members and officers with their positions, and we discovered that the position he had been voted to was that of “dead deacon.”
Although my husband tries to help in every way he can, he felt rather unprepared for this particular assignment, and replied noting concerns. Our good-natured pastor quickly responded with a new message to the board, stating that there had been a “grave mistake,” and then he welcomed my husband back to the church!
—Karen Suvankham, Laurel, Maryland
2011 1525 page13

I KNOW YOU!: Pastor Diego Boquer (front , left), Diadem De Guzman (center), and Eduardo Soares (front, right), surrounded by other members of the Annapolis, Maryland, literature evangelist team, shared outreach experiences with the General Conference staff during worship, July 14, 2011. It's wonderful to see our youth serving the Lord while earning their tuition for Christian education!

Camp Meeting Memories
In 1937, when I was 13, I attended camp meeting with my family in Pennsylvania. My father, a twin grandson of Ellen White, was scheduled to present the Saturday evening program in the big tent. On Sabbath afternoon we attended a program showing slides on the life of Ellen White. I was sitting with my sister near the back of the audience about three rows behind my parents. I could almost hear my father’s whispered comments to my mother as the slides progressed. “Oh, that’s the printshop Grandma started for Herbert and me at PUC. [Pacific Union College],” and “I drove Grandma there,” and on and on.

Finally the woman behind him could stand it no longer, and when the slide picturing the vault where all of Ellen White’s manuscripts were kept appeared, I heard her say, “Well, I was born in that vault!” Imagine her surprise when at the end of the program he turned around and smiled at her. Then she was able to see that he was indeed J. Henry White, the evening speaker!
—Daphne Odell, Elk Grove, California