August 24, 2011

Is God Funny?

At the Adventist Review we take turns presenting weekly worships. And for a few years now, there has been something I’ve wanted to do on my turns, but haven’t gotten around to doing yet.
I’ve often thought about using my digital camera to document evidences of God’s sense of humor in the world around me, using the pictures for a PowerPoint presentation for worship. The point in this? Aside from providing comic relief to my hardworking colleagues early on a Wednesday morning, I think the exercise of examining the world for the many ways God reminds us of His sense of humor is important.
In imagining this project, an image I might include would be one of my son as a baby. He was a very, very chubby baby, and a particular photo of him shirtless and seated with a giant teddy bear with rolls exposed, always makes me laugh. Because it’s hard to miss God’s sense of humor in the grins and giggles of chubby babies, in the antics of animated toddlers, in shar-pei puppies and lumbering bumblebees (your sense of humor is likely different from mine).
One of these days I will get around to completing this project. But I do have a challenge for our readers. Explore your world and its daily routines with a new mission in mind. Seek evidence of God’s humor in nature, in children, in the jocularity of people you enjoy being with. Challenge yourselves to see these expressions (for they are everywhere), and let them remind you that our God is a God of laughter.
And if you are so inclined, take pictures and send them to us. Let’s all share in the joy of loving a God who knows how to make us laugh.
Wilona Karimabadi is an assistant editor of the Adventist Review and editor of KidsView. This article was published August 25, 2011.