December 15, 2021

Give & Take

Share the Word
Now why am I so slow to tell
About the Lord I know so well?
To tell them what He’s done for me
To take my guilt and set me free.
The signs I see all make it clear
That earth’s climactic day is near.
So soon will earth’s probation close
And firmly set what each one chose.
2011 1519 page13So many here have never heard
About the true and living Word,
Of how He came in human flesh
That He might weary ones refresh.
Oh, grant me, Lord, the gift to speak
To lost souls I am urged to seek.
Oh, Spirit, have Thy way with me,
Indict the words that honor Thee.
—Lester Bennett, Lodi, California

Sound Bites
“Today’s kids are listening to 7-11 music. The songs have 7 words and they sing them 11 times!”
—Joan Philbin, Alvarnado, Texas, quoting Brenda Walsh during an interview with Danny Shelton on 3ABN
“Faith is the radar that pierces through the fog.”
—Adapted from Corrie ten Boom, by Brenda Kinkead, Australia

Adventist Life
The new Centennial building at Loma Linda University has a garden in the back. Very often in the evening I go for a walk there with my two dogs, Wookie and Ula. For a couple of months I was not able to go to that place.

Then one evening we went back to our usual walk around the building. All of a sudden, Wookie ran away from me and started barking at someone who seemed strange. When I looked, it was the new statue of Jesus and the woman who touched Him, and Wookie was barking at Jesus. I’m sure Wookie wouldn’t bark at the real Jesus that way!
Hildemar Dos Santos, Loma Linda, California
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