June 15, 2011

How Love Looks

You taught us to see the needs of those around us with our eyes.
You challenged us to listen for truth and hear the call of duty with our ears.
You showed us how to work hard and help others in need with our hands.
You instructed us to stand for what’s right with our feet.
You reminded us to pray on our knees.
You rewarded us for thinking creatively with our brains.
You led us to ask tough questions with our mouths.
You modeled how to pursue right answers with our intellect.
You encouraged us to work hard with our muscles.
You showed us how to love with all our hearts.
You told us never to give up when things are down.
Through your example you taught us how to be men.
Any male can make a boy; but it takes a father to make a man.
Thanks, Dad, for the life you live and the example you share. We love you very much.
Dane Griffin died of cancer in October 2010. He wrote this tribute to his father in 2009, when Dane was assistant to the president of the Michigan Conference. This article was published June 16, 2011.