May 18, 2011

Give & Take

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Adventist young people share their faith in Machu Picchu (called “old mountain” in the local language Quechua), an amazing stone settlement built by the Incas in the Peruvian Andes. Tourists from all over the world visiting Machu Picchu, as well as natives, are getting the good news of our blessed hope through youth who boldly distributed their missionary book of the year, Todavía Existe Esperanza (There Is Still Hope). Almost immediately a positive effect is evident.
—Alfredo Garcia-Marenko and Carlos A. Moncayo Ferrer, Cuzco, Peru
Reign O’er Me
Holy God
            Reigns in majesty;
Rules with great
            Love and authority;
Judges all
            On earth righteously.
Reign o’er me,
            Lord God Almighty.
Spirit sweet
            Rains gifts of glory;
Reveals deep
            Truth and mystery;
Leads forward
            In wise ministry.
Rain on me,
            Guide me faithfully!
Jesus Christ
            Reins a pure-white steed;
Heads a host
            Of robed cavalry;
Charges on
            To full victory.
Rein my heart
            Through all eternity.
       —Carolyn Byers, Port Angeles, Washington
Adventist Life
2011 1515 page13I’ll never forget the day my son and I flew together for the very first time.
He was 4 years old and insisted he wanted to sit next to the window. After we leveled off thousands of feet high he exclaimed, “Mama, Mama, Mama, look! We’re in heaven!”
I turned to look and what a beautiful sight I saw! Blankets of white fluffy clouds were everywhere! 
There was laughter on the plane, and I turned to see many happy, smiling faces. My little boy was witnessing without realizing it. Blessings do come unexpectedly! 
—Patricia Ann Mackenzie, Henderson, Tennessee
One Sabbath afternoon while living in Idaho our family had a visit from old friends who lived in Walla Walla, Washington.
Our daughter, age 5, and our guests’ boy, age 4, went outdoors after lunch. Our neighbor was laying tile on his porch when 4-year-old Benny inquired as to why he was working on the Sabbath and if he didn’t love Jesus.
Our little daughter came to the rescue with these words: “Oh, but he loves Jesus on Sunday, and he’s a good man, almost as good as a Seventh-day Adventist!”
The understanding neighbor chuckled inwardly, and later told us what happened.
—Elaine B. De Vries, Modesto, California