March 16, 2011

08 CN: Spanish NET Event Features Female Evangelist

Spanish NET Event Features
Female Evangelist
Series focused on family relationships
BY LAURA SÁMANO, Communication Office, North American Division
A groundbreaking evangelistic series aimed at Spanish-speaking viewers in North America and beyond is due for a second airing on Adventist Church-owned Esperanza TV. The broadcasts are expected to air April 17–24, 2011.
Evangelist Adly Campos was the featured speaker for this Spanish-language NET event, “Construyendo un Hogar Feliz” (“Building a Happy Home”), which was first broadcast live from the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, in October 2010.
The Adventist satellite evangelistic series was the first to feature a woman as the primary speaker, and the first to focus on family relationships.
Family life is a cultural priority for Hispanics according to Campos: “Homes make up society, nations, and churches. They are the foundation of any society,” she said.
Studies conducted by the Marriage Project (The State of Our Unions, University of Virginia) show that the divorce rate in the United States stands at about 50 percent. But a study of Adventist families by Monte Sahlin, a pastor who works with the Ohio Conference, found that the divorce rate among Adventists is only about 25 percent.
The topics covered by Campos centered on the concept that a happy home comes from a focus on Christ. When she spoke about the Sabbath, for example, Campos explained how the seventh day was set apart for spiritual and physical renewal.
“During the week family members rarely see each other,” she said. “God, in His infinite love and mercy, set up a time when families can come together and worship their Creator.”
The series, uplinked from California, reached its primary audience in North America through Esperanza TV. But it was also broadcast throughout Latin America, South America, and Europe via satellite downlink.
R. Ernest Castillo, a vice president of the North American Division, said, “To have seen and heard Adly Campos present the powerful messages every night renewed in me the biblical concept that we, as God’s true church, are a ‘priesthood of all believers.’ Hundreds have been baptized, not only in the North American Division but also around the world. We praise God for what He has done through the technology of media.”
To prepare for the October event, the Pacific Press Publishing Association printed and distributed more than 300,000 copies of the May 2010 issue of El Centinela (the Spanish-language sister publication of Signs of the Times). That special issue focused on family relationships, with many 
of the articles written by Campos herself.
Campos, a native of Mexico, was raised in Puerto Rico. She is an internationally known speaker who founded International Family Welfare, a ministry that attempts to communicate moral and spiritual values to modern society. Through it she has provided guidance to families and young people throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
FOCUS ON THE FAMILY: Adly Campos, speaker for the NET series “Construyendo un Hogar Feliz” (“Building a Happy Home”), speaks before a live audience during a satellite uplink on Esperanza TV.