February 23, 2011

06 CN: New Ellen G. White Research Center Serves Central America

New Ellen G. White Research Center to Serve
Adventist Church in Central America
Center opens in Costa Rica; another in Puerto Rico

Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders, faculty, and students witnessed the inauguration of a new Ellen G. White Research Center, located at Central American Adventist University in Alajuela, Costa Rica, on January 30. The facility becomes the first such research center for the Adventist Church in Central America, and the third in Inter-America. The fourth, at Antillean Adventist University in Puerto Rico, opened February 6, regional Adventist Church officials said.
In Costa Rica students, professors, and the general public will have access to copies of the writings of Ellen G. White, a pioneering cofounder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, at the specially designed, 6,017-square-foot (559-square-meter) center. The facility boasts a library of 745 books in English and 246 in Spanish, in addition to manuscripts and letters written by Ellen White.
The center features the only replica in the world of Mrs. White’s writing room. It also houses two large classrooms, one that will hold 41 students and the other 36, providing seating for future doctoral and master’s-level degree students in theology. There is also an office, a small museum, reception area, and waiting room.


CENTER OPENS: James Nix (center), director of the White Estate, based in Silver Spring, Maryland, points to a copy of the large Bible that Ellen G. White held during one of her visions, as church leaders, faculty, and students toured the newly inaugurated research center at Central American Adventist University in Costa Rica. [PHOTO: IAD]

James Nix, director of the Ellen G. White Estate, based in Silver Spring, Maryland, was a guest speaker at the inaugural event. He spoke of Mrs. White’s experiences and motivated those in attendance to learn more of her life with the valuable information contained in the new center.

Leon B. Wellington, vice president and coordinator of the Spirit of Prophecy research centers of the church in Inter-America, spoke of the new center as one of the best facilities in Inter-America and the world.
“This center is for the Adventist community and for those who decide to learn more of our church history,” Wellington said.
As the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place, Nix asked those gathering to invite people to the center.
Herminia Perla, president of Central American Adventist University, thanked the Inter-American Division and the four union offices in Central America for their support in establishing the new facility.
“We praise God for all of His blessings for this institution and for the support for the building, the center of which will serve as an instrument for the development of faculty, students, and the community,” Perla said.
The Ellen G. White Estate is the official organization created by Ellen G. White to act as custodian of her writings. Based at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, with which it works closely, the White Estate oversees research centers at Adventist universities and colleges around the world.
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