February 1, 2011

Give and Take

Recently, while looking at the cradle roll Sabbath school quarterly lesson for the last week of December, I noted the little back section below the story named “The Christmas Story and Baby Jesus.” I was sitting with 2-year-old Andre at home on the couch and decided to use one of the suggestions.
“What would be a good present for Baby Jesus?” I asked him.
2011 1504 page13Andre looked at the drawing of Baby Jesus in the manger and replied: “Diaper change!”
“That would be a good present,” I replied.
One more time my son looked to the manger and said of Baby Jesus: “No teddy bear.”
“Yes,” I said, “He didn’t get a teddy bear.”
Our Lord Jesus was not born in a hospital, or in a privileged environment as most of us were, but in a humble barn. May we humble ourselves and realize with Andre how fortunate we are with all the blessings God pours out on our behalf!
—Marsha Nagel, Loma Linda, California
“If you will find voice and time to pray, God will find time and voice to answer.”
—Ellen G. White, from her book My Life Today, p. 16
The small and dark room in the basement of our church where the choir gathers to don their robes each Sabbath has only a seven-foot ceiling. One day, when the single lightbulb failed to come on, several of the taller choir members simultaneously reached up to change the bulb.

But before any of them touched the light, it began to work again. Immediately the voice of one of our eldest members was heard from the back of the room, saying: “Many hands make light work!”
—Rod Leiske, Walla Walla, Washington
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