November 22, 2010

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Adventist Life
Have you ever wondered what was Adam’s and Eve’s religious affiliation?
Genesis tells us God made male and female on the sixth day of creation.
2010 1538 page13Then in Genesis 2:1-3 it says that God rested on the Sabbath day and sanctified it in order to enjoy the perfect creation.
That means that Adam’s and Eve’s first full day of existence was the seventh-day Sabbath. Because of the promises given in Genesis 3, Adam and Eve also knew of the first advent of Jesus.
Therefore, Adam and Eve were the first Seventh-day Adventists!
Sound Bite
“In our humanness we are nothing, but by the grace of God He imparts strength of mind and body.”
—Pastor Alvin A. Wilson, GRACEVILLE, TENNESSEE
Camp Meeting Memories
Early in my Seventh-day Adventist Church journey, annual camp meetings were part of our family life. Due to lack of funds, my dedicated mother arranged for me to do various chores on the campground. I washed dishes, slept in the tent where mattresses were stored, and worked on the grounds.
The time came when I was assigned official campground bell ringer. I accepted with one fear: the rising bell. What if I overslept? The dreaded day came. Deeply concerned I ran out of my tent and vigorously rang the rising bell. It worked! The sleeping saints were suddenly fully awake.
2010 1538 page13Back in my tent I heard voices through a canvas wall. I clearly heard one woman say, “John, there’s something wrong with our clock!” I rubbed my eyes and carefully looked at my clock to discover that I had unintentionally arranged for an extra hour of camp meeting! Soon guests arrived with the correct time and some kindly counsel.
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