October 27, 2010

35CN: Adventists Participate in United Bible Societies' World Assembly

Adventists Participate in United Bible Societies’ World Assembly
Pastors lead Bible groups in Norway, Mauritius, Latvia and Lesotho
Four Seventh-day Adventist pastors were delegates to the Eighth World Assembly of the United Bible Societies (UBS) held in Seoul, South Korea from September 20-24 2010. The World Assembly is the constituency meeting of the United Bible Societies, an umbrella organization for all Bible Societies around the world.


BIBLE SOCIETY DELEGATES: Four Seventh-day Adventist delegates participated in the Eighth World Assembly of the United Bible Societies in Seoul, South Korea, September 20-24, 2010: Tor Tjeransen, Norwegian Bible Society; Marc Etive, Bible Society of Mauritius; Ojars Incenbergs, Latvian Bible Society; and Inahaneng Tsekana, Bible Society of Lesotho.


At the meeting delegates worked on strategic decisions for Bible distribution and engagement for the coming years. One of the issues discussed was how to best distribute the Bible on various hand-held electronic devises. The Bible Societies need applications capable of displaying and searching the Bible text in all the various languages in which the Bible is published. This is not always easy for languages not using the Latin alphabet.
Another important issue was how the Bible Societies should engage and provide resources for young people. The organizers found it so important to listen to young people that a parallel World Assembly was held for 40 youth delegates from 20 countries. The youth delegates stressed the importance of facilitating genuine fellowship centered on Bible reading as an important factor for helping young people understand and love the message of the Bible.
Robert Cunville, a pastor in India was elected UBS president for the term until the next World Assembly is held in Brazil in 2016. Cunville is an evangelist working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in India. In his speech to the delegates he stressed the importance of prayer in the work of the Bible Societies.
Translation and distribution of the Bible remains the core task of Bible Societies around the world. In the period from 2004 to 2009 the Bible Societies distributed 160 million Bibles and 73 million new testaments. In the last six years a staggering 2.3 billion Scripture portions went from Bible Society warehouses into the hands of people worldwide, the UBS reported.
Long noted as “people of the Book,” Seventh-day Adventists consider Bible reading and study a principal activity of the Christian life. It is through studying the Bible that key doctrines are found and affirmed, the church believes.
                                                                                                    -- With information from Tor Tjeransen