October 13, 2010

Happiness Books Longest-Running ASI Project

Pacific Press Publishing Association recently reprinted a 100,000-copy run of Ellen White’s book Prophets and Kings from the ASI Happiness Book series. Prophets and Kings is the eighth and final volume of the series, which has been developed, printed, and distributed in cooperation with both the Pacific Press and the Review and Herald publishing associations.
The Happiness Book project began in 1988 when five ASI member families funded the development and printing of 100,000 copies each of The Great Controversy, The Desire of Ages, Christ’s Object Lessons, The Ministry of Healing, and Bible Readings for the Home. The plan was for all proceeds to be returned to the project to ensure continued republication of the books. As a result, approximately 6 million copies have been sold, and the initial funding remains intact.
The books are unabridged editions of the standard titles and are used primarily for free distribution as outreach materials. Each book features line drawing illustrations for every chapter head. Hundreds of people each year since the Happiness Books were first published have sent letters saying they have been blessed by the hope found in the books. Many of them have requested additional Bible studies, religious materials, information, or direct contact with someone who can explain to them the gospel message.
Proceeds from the Happiness Book series—ASI’s longest-running project—have funded additional titles in both English and Spanish. The set now includes Patriarchs and Prophets and The Acts of the Apostles. Christ’s Object Lessons and The Ministry of Healing have been published in Spanish. After 22 years, the popularity of the books remains strong and sales are high.
The books can be purchased at local Adventist Book Centers (ABCs) either as single copies or in case lots at prices that allow their use as outreach literature. They also can be ordered online at www.adventistbookcenter.org or by calling (800) 765-6955.
Harold Lance is president of ASI Missions, Inc. This article was published October 14, 2010.