September 8, 2010

Give & Take

2010 1531 page13ADVENTIST LIFE
COOL RECEPTION: The week after Dan Jackson was elected president of the North American Division (NAD), he and his wife, Donna, met with staffers at the NAD headquarters, and looked for housing in the area. Knowing that the Jacksons might miss the more wintry climes of Ontario, Canada (where, as we all know, everyone lives in igloos), some of their friends in the building constructed an igloo in Jackson’s office out of cardboard boxes.
No word on whether the artificial ice structure that covered his desk did anything to mitigate the July heat wave that moved through the Mid-Atlantic region, but the Canadian flag at least gave them something familiar to help them feel at home.
—Stephen Chavez, Silver Spring, Maryland
I have had a note here on my desk since the end of May when a dream came true for me.
Our grandchildren have three sets of grand-parents still living, but we have never ever been together until the academy graduation of grandson Chris. I jumped at the opportunity of having a photo taken of the six of us (our son’s wife’s parents, our daughter’s husband’s parents, and the two of us). Both of our kids have been married for more than 25 years, and the three sets of grandparents have been married for 55 (that’s Dale and I), for 56, and for 57 years!
As we compared the generations who were Adventist members, we found that our grandkids have the heritage of four generations on up to six generations in all sets of grandparents. Some have been teachers and missionaries. All the grandkids but two are college graduates—Chris, mentioned above, who is enrolled at Union College (in Lincoln, Nebraska) in pre-med, and his sister, who will be in her third year at Andrews University (in Berrien Springs, Michigan) in the fall. I love children and am always interested in how parents find special time with theirs to keep them close to the Lord.
—Chris Fairchild, Pleasant Hill, Missouri
 “You cannot abide where you don’t presently reside.”
   —Jim Rieder, in a sermon on relationship with Christ, at the Thunder Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ontario, Canada.