September 10, 2010

30RNS: Pakistani Taliban Kills 3 Christian Aid Workers

Pakistani Taliban Kills 
Three Christian Aid Workers

BY STAFF                                                                                                                   ©2010 Baptist Press

Three Christian aid workers were found dead in Pakistan after being kidnapped by members of the Pakistani Taliban. The aid workers were responding to millions of people in need after monsoon rains caused catastrophic flooding.
The Pakistan Army recovered the bodies Aug. 25 and sent them to the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad. Military officials granted permission to Compass Direct News to publish limited information about the tragedy.
A local official told Compass Direct that the aid workers were returning to their base the evening of Aug. 23 when Taliban members attacked their vehicle. About five people were injured, the official said, and three workers were kidnapped and later killed.
The Taliban had threatened attacks on foreign aid workers and Christian organizations, and humanitarian groups had increased security. Pakistan had deployed troops to the region to help protect aid workers.
A month after flooding began, an estimated 1,600 people have died. More than 17 million have been affected, and nearly 5 million of those lack shelter, The Washington Post reported. More than 800,000 were stranded in areas without supplies. 

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