September 2, 2010

Give & Take

2010 1530 page13ADVENTIST LIFE
In the Adventist Review GC Bulletin 6 (July 1, 2010), page 17, picture 6, Barry Bussey, standing on a handcart, appears to have not yet made the “Segway” from “works” (self-effort) to “grace” (God-empowerment).
—Archie McCluskey, Paradise, California
A little extra greenery in the Washington, D.C., area after a recent summer storm.
The bad news? No power, a gutter that needs reattaching, lots of tree cleanup, and Marylanders mourning the death of some fellow neighbors.
The good news? No need to go out foraging for firewood this winter . . . and we are very thankful to God for His protection with no significant damage to property—four feet of snow, an earthquake, and now this. What’s next in our quiet little corner of the world?
—James Standish, Washington, D.C.

A baby is born into this world
But time doesn’t stop to share the joy.
A child is given away in marriage.
A parent’s sadness, the husband’s joy,
But time does not stop.
An old woman dies and family mourns,
But time doesn’t stop to hear their cries.
The sky gets dark and people look up.
Angels sing praises—
The end is here!
Jesus appears from in the clouds.
He speaks: “The time has come.”
The time has come for us all to go home!
The woman steps forth to behold His glory;
Pain and sadness are in His eyes.
If only she had accepted His gift, accepted Him.
Time stops . . . and the woman knows.
—Heidi Luckabaugh-Lee, Parkersburg, West Virginia;
submitted with permission by Ruth Wright, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.