August 25, 2010

29CN: Chow to Lead Adventist World Radio, Succeeding Schoun

Chow to Lead Adventist World Radio, Succeeding Schoun
Veteran pastor, administrator was unit’s financial v.p.

Adventist World Radio
Dowell Chow was elected president of Adventist World Radio during a board teleconference July 29.
Chow, 66, replaces Benjamin Schoun, who had served as AWR president since 2002. Schoun is now a general vice president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and will chair the AWR board of directors.
Chow has served as AWR’s vice president for finance since 2005. He is noted for his wide administrative experience, including positions as chief financial officer/treasurer of the Columbia Union Conference in Maryland, president of the New Jersey Conference, Stewardship and Trust Services director as well as senior pastor in Puerto Rico, and publishing house administrator in Venezuela, among many other roles over the years.


AWR PRESIDENT: Dowell Chow, a veteran Seventh-day Adventist pastor and administrator, is the new president of Adventist World Radio, the church’s global shortwave and FM service. He previously served as the unit’s vice president for finance. [AWR Photo]

Chow has served on several boards of directors in the Washington, D.C. metro area, including Washington Adventist University, Adventist Health, and Washington Adventist Hospital; as well as at health entities in New Jersey.

Chow said, “While working at AWR during the past several years, I have come to learn what a unique, passionate, exciting ministry it is. I relish the excitement of developing new projects, and my aim is to build on what Ben has done in the field and keep moving ahead. AWR has diversified its offerings, such as a much greater FM radio presence and incredibly extensive podcasting, and we need to pursue that even further.”
Along with chairing the AWR board, Schoun will also be advising and overseeing General Conference departments including Education, Communication, and Stewardship; chairing the boards of Andrews University and the International Board of Theological Education; and serving as vice chair of the boards of Hope TV and Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines. One of his main roles in filling these responsibilities will be to coordinate the church’s various media initiatives, with the goal of creating greater synergy though joint planning and use of resources.
Schoun said, “I wish Dowell well in his new position. Dowell and I have worked together at various times through the years, and I have a lot of confidence in his leadership. AWR has been one of my favorite assignments in my professional life. It is a positive, inspiring, and compelling work to reach out to people who have never heard of the hope in Jesus Christ. I thank the great team of colleagues who work at AWR for the fine work they have done, and express appreciation to the board, which has been supportive of our visions for growth and expansion. I am thankful that my ties to AWR are not completely cut, and that I will still be able to cheer this ministry onward as I chair its board.”