August 21, 2010

Glow--Giving Light to Our World

Giving Light to Our World—GLOW—is an outreach initiative in multiple NAD conferences based on the concept of 
church members carrying Adventist literature with them wherever they go and handing it out—free of charge—
at every opportunity. Here are two short stories of lives touched by GLOW:
Story 1: Mark,* a person involved in the GLOW project, went out to eat at a local restaurant. When the waiter came to take his order, Mark asked him how he was doing. The waiter broke into tears. Recovering quickly, he told Mark it had been a year ago that day that his cousin had been killed in a drive-by shooting.
“I wasn’t sure which tracts I had with me that day, or even if any of them would be relevant to his situation,” Mark said, “but I decided to give him one anyway.”
Mark then put his hand into his pocket and, without looking, pulled out “Does God Care That I’m Hurting?”
“God knew exactly what he needed at that moment!” Mark says.

Story 2: An Adventist young person, who was introduced to the GLOW program in Arizona, decided to carry literature with her on the city bus one day as she traveled to school. A young man boarded the bus and took the seat next to her. She then began battling with herself as to whether she should hand this person a tract. Finally, when the bus stopped, she knew it was then or never. Almost thrusting the tract toward him, she gave him “Does God Care That I’m Hurting?”
“I was just praying that God would give me a sign if He didn’t want me to commit suicide,” the young man told her. “I think this is the sign.” He then turned and got off the bus, as the girl stood looking at him in amazement.
“God can use us in mighty ways, if we will just decide to let Him,” she says.
*A pseudonym.
Stories compiled by Central California Conference GLOW director Nelson Ernst. To find out more about GLOW, go to For information about the Adventist Church’s publishing work, go to