August 10, 2010

Give & Take

Craig was 21⁄2 years old. We had moved to College Heights in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, only a few months earlier where I was to teach first grade. My friend’s daughter, Tammy, who was in fifth grade, gave Craig her rocking horse a year earlier and was kind to Craig. One Sabbath it was announced in church that there would be a baptism that afternoon. I knew Tammy was being baptized and Craig would love to see it, but he always had a nap after lunch. I woke him and took him up to the church. I put him down on the seat beside me and he promptly fell asleep. As soon as it was Tammy’s turn I woke Craig up and told him Tammy was going to be baptized. He got up excited and saw it all.
The next day Vacation Bible School (VBS) started and I had to help in that, but Craig was too young, so Tammy’s mother offered to keep him for that time and take him to the fair. I got home from the VBS and waited for Florence to bring Craig home. When she brought him home about 7:00 he was all dusty and dirty. ?I gave him a bath, got him into the high chair, and asked him about his day. His eyes got big, he filled his lungs, and blurted out emphatically: “Tammy baptized!”
What a memorable experience and what a wonderful feeling I had in my heart that it meant so much to him!
                                                                        —Trudi Charles, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
2010 1528 page13Martyrs
On graves of martyrs, no flowers grow;
There are no crosses row on row
To mark their places, but on high
Each spot is watched by angels’ eyes.
They sleep in peace, yet days ago
They lived for Christ and Him alone;
Gave up their lives and now they lie
In martyrs’graves.
Take up the war with the foe!
To us the charge is given, “Go!
Complete the work that they’ve begun
Then Christ will come and take us home.”
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