August 6, 2010

27CN: Video Series Invites Viewers to Jesus' Homeland

Video Series Invites Viewers
to Jesus’ Homeland
Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus was filmed on location

capAnew, 28-episode video series, shot in high-definition video, promises to take viewers behind the scenes of Jesus’ life and earthly ministry.
Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus is the work of Tony Moore, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor and filmmaker, whose In the Footsteps of Paul brought viewers alongside the noted apostle on his journeys to spread the good news. The story of Jesus goes to the very origins of Christian faith, and the places where it happened.
When Jesus returned to the Jordan from the wilderness of temptation, John and Andrew asked Him, “Rabbi, where are You staying?” Jesus replied, “Come and you will see.” 


VIDEO SET: Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus was filmed on location and shot in both standard and high definition.

For these first two disciples, the gospel was not a dusty story from a distant and unfamiliar age, but a living, breathing, dynamic reality. For the next three and a half years they followed Jesus throughout “the land” as eyewitnesses of His life and ministry. 

Over a similar 40-month period, Moore focused upon the Jesus story, spending more than seven months living in Israel, researching and filming. Now, he says, viewers can “come and see” where Jesus was born and grew up, lived and taught, was crucified and resurrected from the dead—all with the ease of playing a DVD video.
In this series, he adds, viewers will continue to explore and discover beyond where traditional Holy Land tours stop, seeking to unwrap and understand the cultural texture of the world that Jesus knew.
“Since biblical teachings develop naturally in the context of the stories, this is an excellent series to follow up evangelistic meetings,” Moore said. “The blessed hope, law and grace, the Sabbath, the truth about life and death, the divine nature of Jesus, and more are presented in their context.”

Readers can view clips from this series on the Biblical World Web site at footsteps.html, as well as learn more about the production. 
                                                                                             —With information from Tony Moore