August 11, 2010

Focus on Relationships

Most Christian families would agree that maintaining vibrant relationships is essential in maintaining a loving home. But how do we keep those relationships happy and healthy? What's the secret? Does God give us the principles? This week the Adventist Review presents several articles to help establish and maintain happy, fulfilling relationships.


Building Relationships That Last
Solid relationships are the backbone of so many things that matter to us in life.

The Glue of Heaven
Allan Handysides explores the power of bonding.
Curtis Fox offers a recipe for marital intimacy.
One searching young woman asks the experts.
Are the dreams of your marriage still being fulfilled?
Richard Stenbakken debunks the myth of "it just feels right"
What happens when a marriage fails? And what can we do to prevent it?
Sometimes the wounds of loneliness can serve a purpose.