July 2, 2010

New Associate Directors

New Associate Directors

By Stephen ChavezBob Kyte, Nominating Committee chairman, and Ismael Castillo, the committee’s associate secretary, appeared before session delegates Wednesday afternoon, June 30, to present what Kyte called two reports.

First, the report from  we presented was referred back to the committee,” said Kyte in his introductory statement. “The committee met today with the person who requested that the report be sent back to the committee. The item was considered carefully and prayerfully by the Nominating Committee and we are going to be resubmitting the report in total today.”

Then Castillo recommended the following names as associate directors of their respective General Conference departments:

Suastin Mfune, Children’s Ministries; Mario Ceballos, Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries; Raquel Arrais, Women’s Ministries; Gary Swanson, Sabbath School/Personal Ministries; Kathleen Kuntaraf, Peter Landless, Fred Hardinge, Health Ministries; Wilmar Hirle, Publishing Ministries; Barry Bussey and James Standish, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty.

The nominations passed with a clear majority.

Delegates then approved the following nominations:

Myron Iseminger, treasurer for the Upper Columbia Conference in North America, was elected an associate secretary of the General Conference.

Gilbert Cangy was elected director of the Youth Department. He previously served in Youth Ministries in the South Pacific Division.

Charles Simpson and Wilfredo Sumagaysay, both incumbents, were returned as associate directors of Trust Services.

Luis Schulz was returned as an associate director of the General Conference education Department. And others voted in as associate directors in that department were Michael M. Lekic, previously education director of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division; John Wesley Taylor V, previously serving at Southern Adventist University in North America; and Hudson Kibuuka, formerly education director of the East-Central Africa Division.

Mario Nino, stewardship director of the Inter-American Division, was elected as associate director of the Stewardship Department.