July 15, 2010

GC Devotionals

capThe theme of the 2010 General Conference session was "Proclaiming God's Grace." During the daily business sessions, and each evening, pastors from around the world shared devotional messages around the theme. Here's a sampling of the messages. 

Grace in the Sanctuary
The Sanctuary was where God dwelt with sinners; today He dwells with us in Christ.

Living by Grace Gives Hope and Assurance
Christ died; and His subsequent resurrection from the grave was God's final payment for sin.

Stones and Sand, Law and Grace
Here's a dramatized monologue on God's just law and His amazing grace.

Living By Grace as Disciples and Disciple Makers
God's grace restores broken relationships. It transforms hostile relationships to relationships of peace.

Secret Service
We may not always see God's providential hand, but we can always trust His tender heart.

Living by Grace During Violence and Persecution

Today's turbulent times takes the grace of God to survive.

The Grace of God
The North England pastor reminds us that the love of God is far broader than our love.

Grace and Family in a Fractured World
God's amazing grace is manifested in the heart of the family unit.

Exodus People
Chris Oberg reminds us that God is not in our story. We are in God's story.

Barley Enough: Grace and Justice
Can we live such grace-filled lives that the world has no other choice than to see Jesus in us?

Grace in the Garden
Devotional message presented Thursday evening, June 24, 2010.