June 30, 2010

Seventh Business Meeting

Seventh Business Meeting

Fifty-ninth General Conference session, June 28, 2010, 3:00 p.m.


GERRY D. KARST: Good afternoon, and welcome to the afternoon session. This afternoon we will be continuing with the Church Manual items, and I trust that we will be able to make a little more progress than we did this morning, although you had a good debate. But first we have a musical number.

[A musical piece was performed.]

Before we begin the afternoon session we have just a few instructions for you. There still seems to be some confusion on the part of the delegates as to what constitutes a point of order.

We will have our parliamentarian share what exactly constitutes a point of order.

TODD MCFARLAND: [Gave an explanation of what constitutes a point of order.]

GERRY D. KARST: With this explanation, I trust that we will understand how to proceed this afternoon. Our session will be two hours. We will go until 5:00, at the close of which will be another report from the Nominating Committee.

The business meeting next turned to a discussion of Church Manual items.For an abbreviated record of discussion, proceedings, voted actions, and text of the voted documents, please go to www.adventistreview.org/churchmanual. (See Bulletin 2, p. 41 for the rationale.)

GERRY D. KARST: The Nominating Committee is here now to give us another partial report. I will turn to Bob Kyte, chairman of the Nominating Committee.

ROBERT E. KYTE: Mr. Chairman, we are pleased to present two partial reports of the Nominating Committee. Some may wonder why we are only bringing one or two departments at a time. We work with those departments around the various caucuses for the divisions; so today we are going to be presenting to you the first report from the caucuses that came to the Nominating Committee. We have reviewed the nominations for the secretaries and treasurers of the 13 divisions and Dr. Castillo will share with you the first report from the caucuses that came to the Nominating Committee. We have reviewed the nominations for the secretaries and treasurers of the 13 divisions. Dr. Castillo will be presenting those names. We regret that some folks are not here with us at this moment for presentation. Trying to put 26 people together at the exact right time can be challenging, and so the names are going to be presented without the individuals present. I understand they will be introduced at a later date.

ISMAEL CASTILLO: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

East-Central Africa Division: president, Blasious M. Ruguri; secretary, Nathaniel N. Walemba; treasurer, Jerome Habimana.

Euro-Africa Division: president, Bruno R. Vertallier; secretary, Gabriel E. Maurer; treasurer, Norbert Zens.

Euro-Asia Division: president, Guillermo E. Biaggi; secretary, Vladimir A. Krupskyi.

Inter-American Division: president, Israel Leito; secretary, Elie Henry; treasurer, Filiberto M. Verduzco.

North American Division: president, Daniel R. Jackson; secretary, G. Alexander Bryant; treasurer, G. Thomas Evans.

Northern Asia-Pacific Division: president, Jairyong Lee; secretary, Akeri Suzuki; treasurer, Kenneth W. Osborn.

South American Division: president, Erton C. Kohler; secretary, Magdiel Perez; treasurer, Marlon de Souza Lopes.

South Pacific Division: president, Barry D. Oliver; secretary, Lawrence P. Tanabose; treasurer, Rodney G. Brady.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division: president, Paul S. Ratsara; secretary, Solomon Maphosa; treasurer, Goodwell Nthani.

Southern Asia Division: president, John Rathinaraj; secretary, Gordon E. Christo; treasurer, G. S. Robert Clive.

Southern Asia-Pacific Division: president, Alberto C. Gulfan, Jr.; secretary, Saw Samuel; treasurer, Keith R. Heinrich.

Trans-European Division: president, Bertil A.Wiklander; secretary, Audrey Andersson; treasurer, Johann E. Johannsson.

West-Central Africa Division: president, Gilbert Wari; secretary, Onaolapo Ajibade; treasurer, Emmanuel S. D. Manu.

I move these names, Mr. Chairman. [The recommendation was moved and seconded.]

GERRY D. KARST: I see a couple of people before the microphone. Robert Steward.

ROBERT STEWARD: Mr. Chairman, I have a question on the process of voting. When I deal with my church in nominating committee, I instruct them according to what we have been given in the Church Manual guidelines.

ROBERT STEWARD: [Remarks continued from Bulletin 6.] The first reading is given so that people have during the next week an opportunity to contact the nominating committee to ask questions on certain selections. In the process that we have here, we vote in a block. We don’t seem to have that ability here. I recognize that the logistics of doing so would be a little tricky, but yet if there is one particular name that certain of my colleagues might question, there is no opportunity to question the nomination. Is there a way that that can be remedied, or is that just something that we live with?

GERRY D. KARST: I think that is something that we live with. On page 6 of our Rules of Order, it says that if there is objection to a part or a whole of the Nominating Committee report, the objector may request that the report be referred back to the Nominating Committee for further consideration. It’s the usual procedure for the chair to accept such referral. Jurrien Den Hollander.

JURRIEN DEN HOLLANDER: Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the work of the Nominating Committee because it is a huge task to get all the work done. Yet with regard to the names that have been presented to us as a body, I have noticed something that worries me greatly. In past division officer groups that have been elected and approved by the body, there were very few women. And now again I hear 16 names being mentioned, and it appears to me that 14 of the 16 persons are men.

I believe that in a church where 60 percent of the members are women, there should be a better representation of women in the leadership. This means, Mr. Chairman, that if I should consider only this list, with 16 names, nine of them should be women. Therefore, Mr. Chairman, I move to refer this list back to the Nominating Committee.

GERRY D. KARST: Is there support for that motion? This is a motion to refer. This is not debatable; we’re going to vote on whether to refer this back. The motion is for referral. If you want to send this whole list back, you will vote yes. If you want to keep it here and dispose of it, then you will vote no. All those who wish to refer it back, indicate with your cards. Thank you. All those who wish to dispose of it here, hold up your cards. [A vote was taken.] The motion is clearly lost, and we will deal with it here. The motion is on the floor, then, that these names be approved. Is there further discussion?

STEPHEN LOGAN: Just to ask yet again, can we please have the names on the screen? It is very difficult for us to keep up, particularly with the pronunciation and spelling. So it is quite difficult for us to go off and check who’s who. Could we please, for tomorrow, have the names on the screen? Technology seems to have advanced today; maybe it can advance a little bit more.

GERRY D. KARST: Let’s see what we can do. Are you ready to vote now on this first section? [The motion was accepted.]

ROBERT E. KYTE: Mr. Chairman, we have just one more report for one department director, and Dr. Tutsch will present us that name now.

CYNTHIA TUTSCH: Mr. Chairman, the Nominating Committee recommends the name of Thomas A. Kapusta for the position of Trust Services director. Mr. Kapusta worked in various North American Division conference planned giving and trust services departments. He has served as the Southern Union director of planned giving and trust services. He is currently the director of planned giving for the Florida Hospital Foundation. Thus we are unable to introduce him.

I move the report of this name from the Nominating Committee. [The motion was seconded and voted.]

ROBERT E. KYTE: Mr. Chairman, that completes our partial reports for today. Thank you.

GERRY D. KARST: This concludes our session for the afternoon. I’m going to invite you to stand for the benediction.

GARY PARKS: [Benediction.]

CLAUDE SABOT, Proceedings Editor
COLBURN, Assistant Proceedings Editors

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Fifty-ninth General Conference session, June 28, 2010, 9:15 a.m.