June 30, 2010

21CN: Voices from the Dome: Heather Knight

Voices From the Dome: Heather Knight

capAs I exited the shuttle bus that we had taken from our hotel to the Georgia Dome, the heat from the hot, humid Atlanta air enveloped my husband and me. We immediately looked at each other, and I thought, If it is this hot out here, what is it going to be like with more than 60,000 Adventists from every nation, kindred, and tongue, inside the Georgia Dome itself?

Knight Heather 2010

But when we entered the dome, all of our senses were enlivened. Not only did we feel the cool air, which seemed to transport us to another dimension in time and space and instantaneously allowed us to forget about the heat outside, but we heard the melodious sounds of the International Brass Choir, the Pine Forge Academy Choir, Wintley Phipps singing “Amazing Grace,” and the voices of people singing so sweetly that I expect the angels were leaning over the battlements of heaven to hear the harmonious music of the saints of God.

We saw and experienced the beloved community of Christ, a people in one accord worshipping on the Sabbath day. This was beautiful to see—women and men adorned in their colorful native dress from so many countries around the world, yet there seemed to be no strangers there. What was surprising, though, was that even in a crowd of this size, we were able to find long lost friends whom we were delighted to see. For example, I ran into Pat Langley, the Bible worker who had given me Bible studies when I decided to be baptized at age 13 in the Bronx, New York. I had not seen her since that time. How wonderful it was to share with her that this little girl from the Bronx had become president of Pacific Union College.  Upon hearing this news, she immediately burst into a prayer of thanks. And then, to hear Elder Matthew Bediako proclaim God’s grace, the session’s theme, brought a fragrant spiritual bouquet and aroma to our senses that reminded us that we were all a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

If I magnify this experience a million times, I suspect this is what heaven will be like. Yes, heaven must be like this, it must be like this! Let us all pledge to be there. 

Heather Knight, president of Pacific Union College, Angwin, California