June 24, 2010

Audio/ Video Feeds

capAs a service to our readers, the Adventist Review provides daily audio and video podcasts from the 2010 General Conference Session in this interactive page of our Web site.  Check back often for continuing updates.

Adventist Review Media

The GC Session Exhibit Hall
A brief tour of the exhibitors.

Making Bible Study Easier
Announcing the Andrews Study Bible.

We Come to Atlanta and Run
Why a fun run in Atlanta during the GC session is so important.

Kids Get Their Own Sabbath School Even at Session
A look at why children’s Sabbath school here is so important.

A Conversation With Peers
Young adult delegates discuss their thoughts and feelings about GC Session and their church.

Watch a two hour GC meeting in 53 seconds
A time-lapse video of the Wednesday evening (June 30) GC ceremony. Credit: Jonathan Springer

Mealtime Motion
Time-lapse video of the Thursday noontime meal at the Georgia World Convention Center. Credit: Jonathan Springer

General Conference
Communication Department

ADRA and Women's Ministries team up to fight female sexual abuse.

10/40 Window
GC Session offering to support minirtry projects in the 10/40 window.

Exhibit Hall

Adventist Bicyclist's 8,000-mile pilgrimage

Hope TV

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South-Pacific Division Report, July 1

Devotional: Paul Frederick, July 1

Southern Asia Division Report, July 1

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Southern-Asia Pacific Division Report, June 30

Devotional: Jonathan Musvosvi, June 30

Trans-European Division Report, June 30

West-Central Africa Division Report, June 30

Adventist NewsLine June 29

Euro-Africa Division Report, June 29

Devotional: Ezra Okioma, June 29

Inter-America Division Report, June 29

Adventist NewsLine June 28

South American Division Report, June 28

Devotional: Sang Lae Kim, June 28

Northern Asia Pacific Division Report, June 28

Adventist NewsLine June 27

East-Central Africa Division Report, June 27

Devotional: Rogelio Paquini, June 27

Euro-Asia Division Report, June 27

Adventist NewsLine June 26

Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division Report, June 26

Devotional: Dennis Meier, June 26

North American Division Report, June 26

Devotional: Randy Roberts, June 25

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General Conference President Report, June 24