June 19, 2010

Yes, Creation!

A joyful celebration of God and His creation! Series designed to promote belief in the biblical account of Creation. Presenters include students, church administrators, scientists, pastors, and teachers.

June 27 - July 2, Georgia World Congress Center, Room B311

TimeSpeakerLanguage Title
Sunday, June 27 -- all sessons are P.M.
12:10-12:40Jacques Sauvagnat, Ph.D.French“Les Gros Soucis de Darwin”
12:45-1:15Kwabena Donkor, Ph.D.English“Evolutionary Thought, Spiritualism, and the End of Time”
1:20-1:55Lee Spencer, Ph.D.English“How Many Dinosaurs Were in the Ark?”
5:10-5:40Raúl Esperante, Ph.D.Spanish“Viviendo en Incertidumbre en un Mundo de Descubrimientos Cientí_Cos”
5:45-6:15Ariel Roth, Ph.D.English“Scientific Data Favoring a Recent Creation”
6:20-6:50Stan Hudson, D.Min.English“Biblical Creation—Central to the Local Church”
Monday, June 28 -- all sessons are P.M.
12:10-12:40Raúl Esperante, Ph.D.Spanish“Dinosaurios, Biblia y EG White”
12:45-1:15Adventist Graduate StudentEnglish“God’s Care for Creation: A Sabbath Rest for the Animals”
1:20-1:55Greg King, Ph.D.English“Is Biblical Creation Passé?”
5:10-5:40Nikolaus Satelmajer, D.Min. and Rollin Shoemaker, S.T.M., D.Min.English“Sabbath and Creation”
5:45-6:15Lee Spencer, Ph.D.English“Paleontology and the Bible: Science in Action”
6:20-6:50John Baldwin, Ph.D.English“Why Does a Good Creator Permit Evil?”
Tuesday, June 29 -- all sessons are P.M.
12:10-12:40Jacques Doukhan, Ph.D.French“La Création, Coeur de la Théologie Adventiste”
12:45-1:15Jo Ann Davidson, Ph.D.English“. . . and it WAS good”
1:20-1:55Jim Gibson, Ph.D.English“Lions in the Garden of Eden”
5:10-5:40Richard Davidson, Ph.D.English“Does Genesis Really Teach a Recent, Literal, Seven-Day Creation Week and a Global Flood?”
5:45-6:15Tim Standish, Ph.D.English“DNA and Design”
6:20-6:50Jacques Doukhan, Ph.D.English“Creation, the Heart of SDA Theology”
Wednesday, June 30 -- all sessons are P.M.
12:10-12:40Roberto Biaggi, Ph.D.Spanish“Evidencias Paleontológicas de Catastro_smo”
12:45-1:15Stan Hudson, D.Min.English“How to Share Creation in Outreach on Secular Campuses”
1:20-1:55GRI ScientistEnglish“Belief in Spite of Uncertainty”
5:10-5:40Jacques Sauvagnat, Ph.D.French“Le Cauchemar de Darwin”
5:45-6:15Jim Gibson, Ph.D.English“Do Millions of Years Solve the Problem?”
6:20-6:50Adventist Graduate StudentEnglish“The Faith Journey of an Adventist Geologist”
Thursday, July 1 -- all sessons are P.M.
12:10-12:40Adventist Graduate StudentPortuguese“A Jornada de Fé de um Geólogo Adventista”
12:45-1:15Ed Zinke, M.A.English“Theistic Evolution and the End of Adventism”
1:20-1:55Ronny Nalin, Ph.D.English“Dealing With Uncertainty”
5:10-5:40Roberto Biaggi, Ph.D.Spanish“Evidencias de Diseño en las Apariencias de los Organismos”
5:45-6:15Ted Wilson, Ph.D.English“God’s Literal, Six-Day, Recent Creation—The Church’s Position”
6:20-6:50Tim Standish, Ph.D.English“Creation and Evolution: A Brief History”
Friday, July 2 -- all sessons are P.M.
12:10-12:40Clifford Goldstein, M.A.English“Seventh-day Darwinians”
12:45-1:15Suzie Philips, Ph.D.English“Compelling Evidence for Design in Nature”
1:20-1:55Adventist ScientistEnglish“Preservation of Ancient Biomolecules”