June 16, 2010

Review and Herald Publishing Association

Review and Herald
Publishing Association

Robert Smith, (Immediate past) President

reports smithcapThe Review and Herald Publishing Association (R&H), the oldest institution in the Adventist Church, takes the commission to spread the gospel around the world very seriously. In fact, the pages we’ve printed in just the past five years could wrap around the world seven times!

Since James White began the Adventist publishing work in his small corner of the world, we have remained committed to sharing God’s love and truth with Planet Earth.
Ministry to the Church
In the past five years we have published more than 200 books, including daily devotionals and books about church history, Bible teachings, and Christian living. Recent projects also include a family Bible, a study Bible, and the new Library of Adventist Theology series. R&H also prints or publishes a number of periodicals, including Sabbath school material for children and Guide, Insight, Vibrant Life, Listen, Kids’ Ministry Ideas, Message, LEAD, and Real, a new outreach magazine for children. In addition, each month we print more than 1 million copies of Adventist Review and Adventist World combined.
Ministry to the World
In the past quinquennium, as a direct result of our Home Health Education Service (HHES) literature evangelist (LE) program, there have been 1,800 baptisms, eight sustained church plants, and 30,000 Bible study interests generated for local churches. In addition to selling beloved classics such as The Bible Story and Bible Readings for the Home, the LEs in the program sell an array of contemporary material in English, Spanish, and French.
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Cuba Gooding Jr. (who played Carson in Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story on TNT) and Dr. Ben Carson grace the cover of Message magazine

More than a publisher, the Review and Herald is a ministry. As needs and opportunities arise, we join with passionate donors and partners to help whenever possible. Here are just a few of these projects from recent years:
  • At U.S. President Barack Obama’s inauguration, 100,000 copies of a special issue of Message magazine were distributed, with an additional 90,000 distributed nationwide. The issue was featured on Cable News Network (CNN) and in Ebony magazine, and a copy of it is now on display in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Washington, D.C.
  • R&H responded to tragic situations in a variety of ways, from Insight magazine raising funds for Haiti following the devastating earthquake, to volunteers handing out hope-filled literature on the campus of Virginia Tech after the 2007 massacre.
  • The Great Controversy Project has placed this Ellen G. White book in more than 900,000 homes, with more to follow.
  • Special editions of Steps to Christ were created for motorcycle enthusiasts, truckers, and NASCAR fans.
  • 20,000 copies of Insight magazine were distributed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada.
  •  A variety of magazines were sent to inmates, the families of inmates, and impoverished counties in North America.
Beyond the Printed Page
R&H has also expanded the reach of the Written Word in a number of ways, including Web sites that have had more than 6 million visitors in the past five years; a television show, Between the Lines, that reveals the stories and authors behind the books; hundreds of videos on the R&H YouTube channel; and an increasing number of book titles available as e-books.
The Review and Herald Publishing Association is passionate about upholding the mission of the church. Since the last General Conference session, we’ve seen five years, 50 million pounds of paper, and 500,000 pounds of ink pass by as we create resources that glorify God and share the amazing Word of life.
This article was published June 24, 2010.