June 16, 2010

Pacific Press Publishing Association

Pacific Press
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Dale Galusha, President
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capIn a unique worldwide initiative sponsored by the General Conference called “Follow the Bible,” Pacific Press was commissioned to print a large Bible containing 66 languages. This project underscores the sole purpose of Pacific Press—to uplift Jesus and publish the good news of His salvation and soon return. Predictions indicated that this would be “the most traveled Bible in the history of the world.”
Operating from its plant in Nampa, Idaho, Pacific Press has an annual income for its publishing house activities exceeding $20 million. In addition, as a result of its management of 21 Adventist Book Centers and the literature evangelism programs it operates for numerous conferences, Pacific Press has consistently produced a modest operating gain for each of the past 25 years.
The outreach journals Signs of the Times and El Centinela remain key periodicals published at Pacific Press in the fulfillment of its mission to equip members with sharing literature. These journals, along with the children’s magazines Our Little Friend and Primary Treasure and other products, make Pacific Press the state of Idaho’s single largest mailer and one of its largest shippers.
Widely Used Products
Among the most widely used products printed at Pacific Press are the quarterly Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides in four editions—standard, teachers’, large-print, and easy reading—in both English and Spanish. The quarterly release of E. G. White Notes for the Sabbath School Lessons, published in English and Spanish, is an adjunct study guide to the Adult Bible Study Guide.
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POWER OF THE PRESS: These are just a few of the products published by Pacific Press, which are designed to nurture and inspire a diverse readership

The Collegiate Quarterly (CQ) Bible study guides for young adults 18 to 35 are also printed at the publishing house. In addition, Pacific Press produces or distributes quarterly Bible study guides for many other language groups.
In addition to its magazines, Pacific Press is a major publisher of books and educational materials for the church, and is also home to Chapel Music, which features Christian music by a variety of Adventist artists.
Working with the General Conference and the North American Division Education departments, Pacific Press also produces textbooks and other educational materials for elementary, secondary, and college-level schools throughout the world.
Through its corporate Web site, www.pacificpress.com, the publishing house has continued to expand into Internet and e-commerce. All its products are readily accessible and may be ordered online at www.adventistbook center.com, which is co-owned and operated with the Review and Herald Publishing Association.
Pacific Press is pleased to provide production services for a large number of church organizations and ASI-member supporting ministries.
The General Conference Ministerial Association has selected Pacific Press to publish Ministry magazine, as well as a number of other magazines and books for its pastors’ book program. The publishing house also produces several union conference papers for the church in North America.
More than 130 years ago Pacific Press was established to provide materials for the church’s outreach and nurture. That continues to be its mission today. Pacific Press is committed to being a viable publishing house that shares the Seventh-day Adventist message of God’s love and truth with the church and the world.
This article was published June 24, 2010.