June 16, 2010

Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

Adventist International
Institute of Advanced Studies

Stephen R. Guptill, President reports guptill

capSince its founding in 1957, the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) has embraced its mission to educate leaders for the world church. Being the only General Conference educational institution in Asia, AIIAS plays a major role in serving the most populated area in the world, with 11 of the 15 largest cities. With new and fresh ideas, AIIAS is attempting to face one of the biggest challenges of the Adventist Church: reaching the people in the 10/40 window.
The Graduate School and Theological Seminary offer very affordable on-campus as well as online graduate programs in the areas of religion, education, business, and public health. AIIAS also provides programs at distance learning centers in the Asia Pacific region and in Qatar.
A core vision of each program offered at AIIAS is mission outreach. Outside of class students, faculty, and staff are heavily involved in prison ministry, church building projects, local community outreach, and mission trips to the Philippines, India, and Indonesia. AIIAS is indeed a General Conference institution of “Graduate Education With a Heart for Mission.”
Leadership for the World Church
AIIAS gives the highest priority to the preparation of leaders for the world church through the teaching of quality accredited graduate programs with international faculty from 18 countries and students from more than 50 countries. Many of its alumni are found in leading administrative and teaching positions in the world church. AIIAS is the only Adventist institution that offers future leaders a Ph.D. in Business. AIIAS will continue to develop programs that benefit our church and prepare motivated individuals for their future role in church and society.
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The recently completed Slew Huy Auditorium serves a vibrant academic community

AIIAS Auditorium and Media Center
AIIAS is pleased with the recent completion of the new Siew Huy Audito-rium, which seats more than 1,200 people and provides a complex of 10 classrooms, a function hall, a media center, and church offices. We praise God for this beautiful new facility. It will provide a much better place to worship God, as well as meet the educational needs of AIIAS.
In this fast-paced world, media is one of the most important tools to reach people. The AIIAS Media Center is being designed to provide media education while producing media directed primarily to the people and cultures of the 10/40 window.
The Big Four—AIIAS as a Gateway to Mission
AIIAS is strategically located on the doorstep of Asia, serving as a gateway for mission to the entire Asia Pacific region and the 10/40 window. In order to meet this challenge, AIIAS has received a grant from the General Conference to provide focused education over the next five years to reach people groups in this region. These funds will be used to educate 60 thought leaders and frontline workers in the 10/40 window. The programs are designed to help students better understand how to reach out to Buddhists, the Chinese, Muslims, and urban people within their cultures and settings and should play a major role in developing appropriate mission strategies to reach these groups. 
This article was published June 24, 2010.