June 15, 2010

Ellen G. White Estate

Ellen G. White Estate

James Nix, Director reports

capNew initiatives” best describes the Ellen G. White Estate, Inc., during this quinquennium. Established by Ellen White when she died in 1915, the White Estate continues to serve the Seventh-day Adventist Church as provided for in her will. In addition, the estate seeks innovative ways to make her published writings ever more accessible to Adventists and others worldwide, as well as new initiatives to provide information about her life and prophetic ministry.
Visionary for Kids, a free electronic quarterly magazine for children ages 8 to 14, was launched in 2007. Currently it is translated into Korean and Portuguese, and plans are under way to provide it also in French, German, and Spanish. Users from nearly 150 countries have accessed this popular publication.
The White Estate is producing modern English adaptations of the five condensed Conflict of the Ages Series books. The first four are already published, with work on the modern English adaptation of The Great Controversy well under way. The books are designed to accompany the youth Sabbath school curriculum. Another Ellen White-related book published this quinquennium was Blessings, a 2008 paraphrase of Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing, produced by Pacific Press. From the Heart, the 2011 morning daily devotional published by Review and Herald, is being introduced at the Atlanta General Conference session.
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Visionary (the "e-zine" [electronic magazine], begun in 2007, to share the ministry of Ellen G. White with the church's youth)

In 2009 the White Estate also produced 13 telecasts for the Hope Channel. The series, entitled Gift of Light, included interviews with guests on a variety of topics related to Ellen White. Last year also saw release of the most recent versions of the Comprehensive Research Edition and “Legacy of Light” CD-ROMs. Included on the research edition is the Adventist Pioneer Library, containing hundreds of early Adventist books and periodicals in electronic format. A major price reduction occurred in 2009, with the top CD-ROM now costing only $19.99 for either of the PC products as well as for the new Comprehensive Research Edition CD-ROM prepared for use on compatible Intel-based Macintosh computers. Since 2005, Ellen White’s published writings have been available for Palm and Windows mobile devices. An iPhone version of Ellen White’s books was released in late 2009. Also expected this year is a multilanguage CD-ROM containing Ellen White’s books in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish, among other languages.
A new Ellen G. White-Seventh-day Adventist Research Center opened in Peru in 2009. A total of 19 White Estate Branch Offices and Research Centers worldwide make available to interested users all of Ellen White’s writings, plus much additional information about her life and ministry and the history of the Adventist Church.
In 2010 the White Estate introduced its revamped Web site, including the Digital Resource Center containing Document File and Question and Answer File materials, as well as responses to several thousand e-mail questions received through the years by the estate. Currently under way is the digitizing of all Ellen White books in all languages for eventual posting and downloading on the expanded Web site. Work also continues on the first annotated volume of previously unpublished Ellen White letters and manuscripts, covering the earliest years of her ministry, 1845 to 1859.
This article was published June 24, 2010.